​​All of our services, including Maui cleaning services, maintenance, and guest services are all under one roof. It's a convenience for us and our clients.

We support Maui property owners that mostly live elsewhere. Our goal is to remove your concerns and worries that your Maui retreat isn't always ready "me ke aloha" (with warm aloha). There's no greater compliment than to have repeat guests...We help make that happen.

Our services are many...Our typical client hires us to:

  • Inspect and clean after their guests depart (we will do a touch-up cleaning if there's a five day or more gap between guests - Free of Charge). We have the best Maui cleaning services for your housekeeping needs.
  • Perform a Meet and Greet when your guests arrive...It's important to make your guests comfortable with the accommodations and the special amenities and services available to them. This is all done on your behalf. They absolutely love the idea that "you" have offered them a local contact.
  • We give your guests our phone number and ask them to call us for any maintenance issues, activity suggestions, housekeeping during their stay, or anything else we can do to make their stay comfortable, and memorable. There's no charge to you for issues we can resolve over the phone.
  • We offer your guests a Welcome Letter, on your behalf, that gives them important phone numbers, basic house rules, and check-out times.
  • We offer and encourage your guests to complete a Questionnaire to share their feedback, good or bad. We think it's very important to hear what your guests are saying so we can either continue with the good, or take action to correct the bad.
  • Once your guests depart, we'll quickly inspect your property for any damage or missing items. We'll then clean and sanitize and prepare for your next guests...If there is some time between guests, it's good to get any maintenance and/or improvements done...
  • Once your guests have departed and we have inspected your property, we will report to you with the full results of their visit.

Our Services