First and Foremost

We'll meet with you in person or by phone to listen and understand your specific needs.  We'll share our thoughts and experience to outline together the most effective way, based on your needs and budget, to proceed.                

Clint and Edy


Our Promise  The Best Maui Cleaning Services. The Best Maui Maintenance Services 

Mike and Mo (Maureen)



Support and integrity is the back-bone to ANY business, big or small. We know this and live by it. We're here to fully support our clients and their guests. From the smallest to the biggest issues, we're here!

Why Our Clients Stay With Us

We enjoy a relationship built on trust, honesty, communication, accomplishment, and satisfaction. We represent you as your On Island Contact, if you live elsewhere. Oh yes, and we're the BEST Maui Cleaning Services and the BEST Maui Maintenance Services!

Our Partners

Our Family

The End Result

Our services are measurable to our clients and their guests. Our goal is to maintain the highest service standard for our clients and the best, most memorable, guest experience for your guests. Happy guests mean positive reviews!      




Moana and Maui, the Demi-God, entrust us to a very high standard of service! Their powerful presence reminds us of what Aloha means to our family. We spread Aloha with everything we do and everyone we meet.

Clint and Edy Daniel, Owners